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Vinacontrol Property Valuation Company Limited is a one member limited liability company directly under Vinacontrol Group Corporation.

Vinacontrol Property Valuation Co. Ltd – Vinacontrol PV (formerly Vietnam Goods Inspection Company) was separated from the Center and operated independently in 2007.

Vinacontrol PV has inherited the capacity, experience, facility of Vinacontrol Group Corporation. Vinacontrol PV has established and developed successfully its own asset valuation services. The Company has succeeded in offering asset valuation services and been widely recognized as one of the most professional and prestigious asset valuation enterprises in Vietnam.

Nowadays, Vinacontrol PV specializes in provision ofassets valuation services (real estate, machines and equipment, means of transport etc.); Determination of Enterprise Value; Valuation of intangible assets and commercial assessment services with increasingly quality, meeting customer’s proper requirements.

After many years of implementing value valuation services, Vinacontrol PV has achieved considerable successes in provision of asset valuation services; especially assets valuation skills and wide and deep knowledge of many kinds of assets in the market.

Vinacontrol PV is trusted and chosen to carry out value valuation services and determination of enterprise value by a lot of customers in Vietnam. Annually, our company performs thousands of asset valuation services, assists in financial transparence of many enterprises, saves the Stage-budget and significantly contributes to development of the national economy.

Vinacontrol PV owns an adequate and diversified data bank of asset of all types. The Company has developed valuation process and methods in compliance with Vietnam and International standards.

In addition, the application and operation of the quality management system according to International Standard ISO 9001:2008 is a clear evidence for the continuous improvement of Vinacontrol PV’s quality services.

Vinacontrol PV commits to supply customers best quality services in the shortest time with the most reasonable and competitive fees as well as meets all customers’ proper requirements.


Our company’s motto is: Independent, honest and objective in order to supply the best specialized services and ensure the highest legal interests of customers.

Vinacontrol PV always ensures the quality of services in all business lines with operational objective which is: "Always increase true values". We always comply with legal regulations of the State of Vietnam, international and domestic valuation standards accepted in Vietnam with the leading criterion is customers’ satisfaction.


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