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Transformation owned enterprises (DN) is a motivating business activity and is very effective channel to raise capital for businesses. One of the important step of this process is to determine the enterprise value.
Business valuation services of the Vinacontrol Propety Valuation Co. Ltd- VINACONTROL PV will provide customers with information about the value of enterprises with high reliability evaluation for each purpose.

1. Enterprise valuation purpose:

  • Equitization.
  • Purchase and sale, transfer, collateral, bank loans.
  • Business investment and capital contribution.
  • Others purpose.

2. Types of business:
  • State Enterprises;
  • Private enterprises;
  • Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE);
  • Joint venture;
  • Other business.

3. Documents and records for the valuation
General documents:
  • Valuation contract, appraisal written request or customer’s written establishment in the form provided by Vinacontrol PV.
  • Power of attorney if the property is not owned by the customer valuation;
  • Business registration certificate;
  • Business license of conditional businesses;
  • Other legal documents relating to legal entities.
Some relevant documents:
  • In terms of real estate.
  1. Documents related to land use right (land-use right certificates, land leasing contract, land allocation decision, etc).
  2. Documents relating to works on land (design drawings, as-built records, diagram location, etc.)
  • In terms of machines and equipment, means of transport.
  1. List of machines, equipment, means of transport including the value of repairs, upgrades (if any) as of the valuation of enterprise value;
  2. Foreign trade contract, Invoice, P/L, C/O for imported machines and equipment;
  3. Purchase and sale contract, minutes of contract liquidation, invoices for equipment sales in the country;
  4. Registration and insurance books for means of transports.
  • A list of unused assets waiting for the liquidation, assets formed from welfare and reward funds;
  • Inventory records;
  • A list of short-term and long-term prepaid expenses;
  • Debt profiles;
  • Certification records of bank balance accounts, deposits, cash balance as of the valuation of enterprise value;
  • The financial reporting system of the enterprise at the time of determination of enterprise value;
  • A list of the basic cost of construction in progress;
  • Records of financial investments.
(This Document is used for the determination of enterprise value depending on types of business, scale and business lines of each enterprise. Respectfully request you contact directly when required).

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